A concordance between the primordial magnificence of Nature, the spiritual essence that is intrinsic to Jageshwar and the simple human habitats make it a must-visit. There are various temples in Jageshwar which make it a famous temple town in Uttarakhand. There is an immense amount of history and culture in the town which makes it a renowned pilgrimage site apart from being a famous site for trekking and avifauna.


  • Dandeshwar Temple
  • Chandi-ka-Temple
  • Jageshwar Temple 
  • Kuber Temple
  • Mrityunjaya Temple
  • Nau Durga Temple
  • Navagraha Temple
  • Pyramidal Shrine 
  • Surya Temple

The most renowned temples in Jageshwar are Jageshwar Mahadev Temple, Dandeshwar Temple and Mrityunjaya Temple.

More information of these temples can be found on www.jageshwar.in