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Why Van Serai?

This lodge serves the purpose for those who want to be in the most peaceful surroundings of the Himalayan forests. The lodge is located between the two sets of ancient Shiva temples that render energy naturally. The quaint town of Jageshwar and the streams flowing through the dense deodar jungles make the ecosystem unique. These features add to the locational advantage of Van Serai Hotel. It is the first Himalayan Spiritual Lodge in Kumaon that helps meditators and spiritual seekers find quiet places for their practices. The food, accommodation and the systems are designed to help the visitors experience meaningful stay, vacation and excursions.

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At the Lodge

Once you are at the lodge you are at home. This is your abode, it is no longer a hotel you have booked. The experiences that you draw in your comfort zone are related to great dining, your spirituality and inner self, the ambiance of Van Serai and the deodar forest around it, the forest walks, the energy zones of nearby temples, local hillfolk simplicity and their lifestyle. You will want to keep coming back!

Jagheshwar Lodge

About Jageshwar

Jageshwar is a quiet hamlet, set in the Himalayan peaks, surrounded by Deodar forests. Jageshwar is the center of energy, perched at an altitude of 6135 feet. Believed to be the abode Shiva, it is one of the twelve ‘Jyotirlingas.

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Hotel in Jageshwar


Van Serai Rooms

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Cooking Workshops

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Yoga and Meditation Retreat

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Testimonial Video

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