Shiva Walks is a programme that has been carved out to take you along the carefully chosen trails that pass through some of the most consecrated energy spots. These give you clarity of mind. The guided walks, pranic food, music & conversations, meditation and ancient Yogic tools, and fun things such as bonfires, bird watching, hikes etc. will give you a glimpse into the patterns of life that are self-nurturing.

With the 2500-year-old Shiva temple complex as its center of spirituality and dotted with a plethora of energy zones, Jageshwar is a picturesque hamlet covered with towering Deodar trees which seem like giant pillars, supporting the sky. Set in the backdrop of Himalayas and interspersed with gurgling brooks where birds dance with joy, Jageshwar is the epitome of stillness and serenity.

Being with nature gives you a chance to look within yourself that eventually paves the way to the feeling of fulfilment, success, great relationships, and peace.