Jageshwar Excursions

Exploring caves in Jageshwar

The cave structures in and around Jageshwar are absolutely enticing. From small holes in the walls to large caves which were probably used for Tantric congregations. The entire countryside around the area is dotted with caves, each one with its own story. The most famous amongst these are the Airavat Cave and the Pataal Bhuvaneshwar caves, in case you are feeling adventurous enough to explore them.

is a famous temple of Golu Devta (a god of justice and peculiar to Kumaon). The temple is full of bells of all shapes and sizes, brought by the devotees.

(the original dates back to 2nd century B.C.), do not miss to watch the sunset overlooking the Kosi valley.

Binsar wildlife sanctuary

Hike to Jhandhidar (Zero point – 2410m) which commands one of the best Himalaya views in Kumaon. On the way, enjoy your packed lunch. This is a ridge walk partially through dense oak and rhododendron forests.

Katarmal Sun Temple

The 800-year-old Katarmal Sun temple, it is one of the few sun temples in India after Konarak. It has a forgotten feel to it, and it houses some fine statues, including the main image of Surya holding sundials in his arms.

Almora Bazaar

It is one of the few not created by the British. It was ceded to the East India Company in 1815 in commemoration for the British driving out the Gurkhas. In 1563 the Chand rajas made it their capital. Possibility for shopping – pashmina shawls, copperware, rangoli paintings, traditional Kumaoni jewelry, Bal Mithai (famous Almora sweet).